Phil’s Courage Up for Bigger, Broader and Taller Challenges!

I just had to send a quick line to brag about Phil. Phil is clocking around a 3′ course with changes now and is completely bored. At a 3’3″ oxer (with a 3′ spread) he finally took interest and thought about the jump. Previously, anything under 3’3″ was not a challenge for him. I’m sure as we progress I’ll have to increase the height and spread to keep him challenged. The best part is that with all the foundation ground work that Phil and I have done, he comes off a challenging jump calm, cool, and thinking. He does not get hyper. He is super easy to work with and will make an excellent children’s/amateur adult jumper.

Phil and I are continuing to show at the local level and take every opportunity to school at facilities away from home. My good friend, who specializes in jumpers, will show Phil in the jumpers at a recognized event next month. I show Phil under his racing name. Several people have recognized him at shows and have read his journal. It is almost like being a celebrity. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Kara Hoefer

Phil’s Courage and Kara have documented their re-training experiences in a detailed journal. Their transition from race horse to sport horse provides great information for any breed. Please click here to read their Journal. And click here to read their past success stories.