Popular One – SOLD! September 2008

SOLD! Congratulations to Nick and Jacquie Alberti of Mt. Pleasant, SC!

OTTB Popular Ones racing days are over on to a new career

OTTB Popular Ones racing days are over - on to a new career

This was his Prospect Horse FOR SALE information:

Popular One aka “Moose” is a 16’1 hand, 2004, dark bay, Thoroughbred gelding. If you are looking for a horse with personality plus and tons of movement for dressage “Moose” is it. He is a very kind loving horse on the ground. He is quiet enough that the trainer’s ten-year-old son can brush him and pick his feet. He has no vices and is clean legged. “Moose” is a hoot to ride.

He is very happy to go out for his morning gallops and loves to train. He will play when you first get one him-he is not mean or aggressive he just feels so good he can’t stand himself. He is a fantastic mover with a hug trot. He has only ever had one exercise rider and one trainer. He is lightly raced and greatly loved by his barn. He is one of our contact’s most favorite horses to ride.

He is very light in the bridle and on your hand at all times – but he does feel good and can buck and play – not in a mean way, but just cause he feels so good. He has an “A” plus trot and a very comfortable canter. “Moose” must be sold to someone that will love him and further his career. Our contact is the exercise rider for this horse. She knows everything about him.

There are many photos of Popular One from his race on July 5 when he beat “Bubba” (Lynn’s Vision) in a photo finish. This was “Bubba’s” last race. Popular One wears the red colors. Click here to enjoy these track photos of Popluar One in “Bubba’s” album.