Punch is NOT For Sale!


Punch is learning to jump!

Hi Elizabeth!

Great news! We’ve decided to take Chaz (Punch) off the market and keep him. We are thinking about selling one of our other horses instead. I’m very excited to be keeping him, he is such a sweetheart! We’ve been working on jumping small fences and flatwork lately. He is doing amazing but still needs some work with steering and relaxing. We trailered him over to a nearby barn with a nice arena and he jumped everything there without looking at it at all! I was SO surprised! I’ve never had a horse as brave as him! We’re planning on schooling over fences all winter and trying to make it to some Hunter/Jumper shows in the spring. I’ve attached some pictures of him from our rides this week! All of the jumping ones were his second time jumping!!! Thanks!
-Rachel Bollinger

More Punch photos: