Rack & Roll – Nothing Scares Dance to the Wire


Isn’t technology great?! I’ve been playing with the Cannon software and can’t figure out how to resize the photos. My iPhoto software isn’t working and I’ll have to reload that next time I get a chance. It’s times like these that make me really miss my Photoshop!

Dance is finally starting to show his true personality. I think he has come to the realization that he is home and this home has no start gate or hot walker! We have been working slowly on the lounge line this last week, adding one small thing each day (side reins, and ground poles, etc.) The first day he acted like he’d never been lounged before and couldn’t possibly be expected to canter on a circle! By day five he is a pro in both directions.

Yesterday was our first ride (sorry no pics my little helper forgot the camera). We started on the lounge line, since he had the day before off. As we were getting started a racking horse with cart came into the arena and worked the rail, very fast and noisy. Before that Dance had only seen them from afar. He took one good long look and decided it wasn’t worth getting worked up about. He did speed up a little as they came level with him but he realized quickly that it wasn’t a race and he went right back to work. Our ride went very well, he is such a gentleman; so engaged and willing!Dance to the Wire

The thing that has impressed me the most about him is how quick he learns and takes to new things. You can really see the gears in his head turning as he thinks things through before deciding if it’s worth a reaction….so far not much has bothered him. The one funny quirk that he’s developed is a fascination for the Standardbred foals that are pastured in the paddock next to his. He likes to watch them and talk to them over the fence.

Good luck finding a home for Sydney. I’ve had a few people on FB ask me where I found Dance. I’m always happy to tell them to check your website for their next partner!