Rap It Up Opens Gates & Jumps – One Month Update

Rap It Up opens gates
Hey Elizabeth,

I didn’t get to ride as much this weekend due to the rain, but Rap had a good day Saturday. I worked him in the ring schooling him over ground poles to improve his stride and then over low jumps up to 2′. He is doing great and gets better with each session. I also took him on a nice quiet trail ride after the ring work and he did great on that too! We rode out across the hayfield while the tractors were raking and baling hay, he never paid a minutes attention to the tractors.

Here are some pictures of Rap opening the gate to the ring. If ex-racehorses lived up to their stereotype, Rap would have had plenty of opportunities to have a “meltdown” since he has been at out farm. He has encountered tractors, ATVs at night complete with headlights, he has been around foxhound pups, our border collie who trail rides with us, and constantly runs under Rap’s feet and he continues to be okay with all of it! His experience at the track has only prepared him for life away from the track because he has seen and done so much. I think this is the reason that he is already so steady even though he is only 4 years old.

Just wanted to let you know that he is doing great and I am very pleased with his attitude and his progress.