Red Carpet and Ribbons for Showman, Wiseguy’s Out

I hope all is well at Bits and Bytes! It’s definitely turning colder here. Wiseguy herds his pony buddy Mr. Smarty Pants out to the far end of the field to graze every morning.

Wanted to send you an update-again! We took Wiseguy to a local show this weekend and I schooled him over little fences. It was so exciting! Even better I showed him in a hack class coming in fourth, which seems little, but I felt like I’d won the class. It felt so incredible to be showing him.

J.C. showed him in the jumpers the night before and it was Wiseguy’s first time under the lights as it had turned dark by the time his classes went. It was also his first time in front of a large crowd. He was incredible! He had double clears in both jumper classes and came in second and third. Mom, Dad and Melanie all came to see him go and everyone was so proud of him! They were in the stands but I always stay at the in gate so I can hear what the other trainers are saying and be there to meet Wiseguy as he walks out. He’s so flashy he always attracts attention wherever he goes. I love it that he looks so diminutive next to the big 17 hand warm bloods then goes in and wows the whole crowd. We’ve joked that I need to get a red carpet to roll out now that he’s becoming a little celebrity.