Reign Day Has a Quiet Rainy Day

I have to say, I’m pretty sure that Reign Day is not very impressed with the climate here in Massachusetts so far–today was overcast and dreary and it rained on and off. He had a very laid-back, quiet, “settle-in” day. I played with him in the aisle, gave him a good long groom, did his carrot stretches and a bit of backing up.

reign-day_julia20100322_01Of course, the minute Day came out of his stall, Copper (one of our other horses) went a wee bit crazy due to his excitement, and was whinnying and pawing. Rather than squealing or trying to leap over to Copper’s door, Reign Day simply watched his antics calmly and actually seemed kind of amused at Copper’s behavior! And though Copper continuously tried to get him to come over and say hi, Day promptly started falling asleep in the cross ties while I groomed him. I love this horse! And as it turns out, he looks quite dashing in with an Elvis Presley-type hairdo in his forelock… 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera at that point, but he just loved having his forelock braided and styled!!

He also was formally introduced to John Henry and Wilson–our goat and miniature pony. Quite an experience for Reign Day! John Henry was very excited to meet him, though Day is still rather confused as to what John Henry is exactly…smells like a horse, but its so small! Wilson the fat and sassy goat tried to headbutt Reign Day in the nose when Day tried to sniff him, and now I think Reign Day is thoroughly intimidated by Wilson, who is short enough to walk under Day’s stomach!

All in all it was a very mellow day, so there isn’t a whole lot to report. Tomorrow we will probably take him and Ty for a little walk down the driveway, maybe around the path behind the barn, but we’ll see. That’s all for now, say hello to everyone (people and critters alike) for me!


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