Reign Day’s new family lives in the Pittsfield, Massachusetts area!


We have made it home! Nine and a half hours after loading into the car this morning, we arrived home (it was around 6:30), whereupon we unloaded Reign Day and Ty and they met our “crew”. Day was very good. He was a bit nervous, but in a very sensible manner, quietly regarding everyone and everything, and it did not take long before he seemed to be more interested in eating his hay than being nervous. He seemed a bit baffled by Wilson the goat and our little pony John Henry, who were very enthusiastic about meeting him!!! Very cute! He’s currently munching on hay in his stall and has figured out that, yes, the red water bucket won’t kill him and is quite safe to drink out of! 🙂 Needless to say, he is quite calm and seems very relaxed… 🙂 🙂 🙂 He has been sooooo good, other than being a bit stubborn about getting on the trailer–though I’m sure he will get over that very quickly–but once on he rode like a trooper. Actually, it was pretty funny, because every time he we stopped to check them and give them water, he would have managed to pull all the hay out of his hay bag and scatter it all over the manger and front area of the trailer, and would be munching it quite contentedly from there. I guess that made it taste better? 🙂 🙂 We all found it quite comical.


Reign and and his mule friend made it home safely.

I will write up a better update tomorrow and send it to you (I’m practically falling asleep at the computer, I can’t imagine how tired Reign Day must be!), along with pics (the camera is being annoyingly persnickety and refuses to download the pictures onto the computer, a matter that will have to be investigated in the morning) of his arrival and first day in Massachusetts!

Well, we’re going to go out and do night check, give the boys some grain, and I’m going to give Day a quick groom. More tomorrow!

Say hi to Barry for me, and the Baroness Von River!