Riding Ridge

Atlantic Ridge and new mom SalisaHi Elizabeth,

It has been two months since I moved Ridge to another barn, and I wanted to let you know that Ridge and I are doing great! He is doing very well. I am riding him a lot and am no longer afraid of him, or of falling! I have not cantered with him, but probably won’t until he is physically ready. He is a really good boy.

My new trainer, Lauren, herself has an OTTB, and is really great with Ridge. She is very conscious not to push him or me to hard, which is very nice. My new barn is also located next to a lot of trails, so I am able to do trail rides with my daughter. Ridge seems to enjoy them! He has mellowed a lot since we moved him. I am convinced that his former trainer was making him nervous, distressed and physically working him too hard, because he seems to be much happier now. I have had NO issues with him. He is turned out everyday with two other horses and he seems to really enjoy it, but mostly keeps to himself. I attached my red ribbon picture if you want to post it on the website.


Not all trainers understand Thoroughbreds. Thoroughbreds are well trained when they come off-the-track . . .but not in the skills they need as a sport horse. Thoroughbreds are the athletes of the equine world and they are very willing partners. They will try to do anything you ask. It is the duty of the trainer not to bring the horse along too fast – not to and scare the horse and/or the owner. It may take moving to a new barn to find the right person to help you with your Thoroughbred.

Atlantic Ridge and new mom Salisa