Round and Round She Goes

Great Game and Chuck Dixon

LOL—Just got back from the stable….worked our girl a bit. put her on the lounge line with a bridle no reins on just to give her the feel of going back to work instead of just running around on the end of a long lead shank. She took the bit fine….when she was standing in the crosstie area and we were staring to brush and fitting the new larger bridle….she got a bit more sass to her…stamping her feet and moving around a little–mild impatience…nothing terrible…I did go to scold her one time when she started to push forward…and someone somewhere has smacked her around on her face/head for disobedience…she was really head shy and I was no where even near her head—just any sudden movement of your arms…even when we went outside to work. We went out and she wanted to just stay walking by me…lol—she looked all injured when I asked her to actually walk a circle around me but not right at my side….she didn’t have a clue—but took to it rather quickly…she did walk,trot and whoa and to commands roughly after about 15 min…she and I are going to be a match in some things as well…lol—when she was free and stretching up and down the pasture…mane flowing in the wind…head up looking like the black stallion on the beach—she flowed and floated….put that girl on a lounge line and ask her to trot a bit…she looks like me getting out of bed on a really cold winter morning after a long run when the ankles aren’t working and the back hurts and there is a real question if I will ever stand strait up again… It has been a long time since she had to do anything that required her to deal with balance being imposed on her rather than her just finding her own….that and her feet are hugely long—I need to get the blacksmith here like yesterday.. She wasn’t lame or anything—just looked stiff and out of practice at anything but standing. After she figured out what I was actually asking and that it wasn’t very difficult at all she relaxed down and it got a little better…a little—very little…lol—but her head was down and forward and her eyes soft—lol. —yea—thanks for sharing THAT Captain Obvious! But after a few min of her figuring out it wasn’t going to kill her—and it wasn’t going away..(I’m nothing if not stubborn)…she stood and let me finish the job. Good thing too—cause I was starting to get sooooooooooooo dizzy—lol. We have miles and miles of work to go this lady and I —but she is a sweetie…when I came back out to the barn this afternoon to work her she saw me in the parking lot and separated from the herd and actually trotted/cantered the U shaped pasture leaving the herd and running for the in door…..all by herself no less. Then when I didn’t get out there fast enuf to suit her and I finally came to the door to pick her up she came charging up just whinneying and carrying on….she was READY to come matter who came with her….lol. She and I are definitely going to have an adventure with this….but she is good company to make one with. You should have seen Shu…..I worked with Game first—Shu just stook at the fence with her head stuck between the boards watching…like she knew the routine and the sound of what I was asking her to do….and when the little head cheerleader came in—-whooooooo weeeee was she snottsy…..she stood in the crossties and just had those ears pinned back flat on her head and just glared….of course she could be bought for a carrot—or two—well actually several….and after several she actually allowed her ears and jaw to be scratched without threatening to literally bite the hand that feeds her….lol. She was fine once she was reassured they she was the prettiest and the smartest girl in the barn(flattery works on women of every species–lol)—and she condescended to actually allow me to work her—lol. It was a very good day. Patrick had a fine time watching me get in trouble with first one then the other of the girls…lol…while he sat—it was my day to ride the workout. Anyway—am off to get ready for work—I’ll try to get you those pictures post haste if I can keep her some semblance of clean for just a few hours to get them….later Elizabeth….Chuck