Run Around Gal – Retires the Broodmare Trophy at Upperville!

Well pride has gotten the best of me and I had to share.

I took Allie, barn name for Run Around Gal, to Upperville for the broodmare class, as a Hunter Breeding handler saw her here (in Atlanta) and thought she could win, thus retire the broodmare trophy for a woman who had won it two times before — she needed one more win to retire it.

SO the woman leased Allie for the show. Well Allie WON the class, retired the trophy and the lady was so happy.

Then Allie went in the Cismont Manor Farm Challenge Trophy, open to all the breeding class winners, from the broodmares to the 3 yr olds, and Allie was reserve champion in that !!

And she hadn’t been off the farm except to be bred in the 2 yrs we’ve owned her!! Her first show ever! And she was picked to be drug tested by USEF. No drugs in her ever!! Here’s a link to a picture of me ringside with my friend and another photo of my girl (Run Around Gal)!! Anyway thought you would enjoy knowing how well she’s done.

Run Around Gal’s offspring is number 1 in the nation for yearlings in hunter breeding BTW. 🙂