Schooling Shows and New Digs for Cadence

Cold Cash aka "Cadence" and Emee score well in schooling shows. Cick on the image to see his photo gallery.

I have been neglectful in writing updates but in December we competed in a schooling show, which was very good. We made our First level debut with scores in the 60’s. In March, we rode in another show. We rode Training Four and First One and Two. Scores were not the greatest because we were having an off day. Cadence was really tense and resistant to the right, which he hasn’t been in a while…just indicative of our need to have a change of environment.

I’ve just moved him to another barn. It’s farther away from where I live, but much better for him. He has a beautiful stall, plenty of pasture space for turnout, 50 acres to hack around, and a huge indoor arena. It was just getting to the point where he was no longer happy and it was very apparent in our riding. Since moving, he’s much more relaxed and refreshed. His attitude is back to normal and he’s not tense and grumpy. I think there were just too many horses and too much going on all of the time.

Cadence and Emee take five

Cadence and Emee take five

We’re going to make our debut in the recognized circuit this weekend! I will be sure to let you know how that goes. We’ll be riding the same tests as in the schooling shows and hopefully will be successful!