Scottish Water Horse?

Hi Elizabeth!

I was just thinking about you this week and about needing to send you an update on A June Affair. Although, I have tweaked her barn name a bit as I thought she needed something a little less plain than June. I call her Kelpie or Kelpie June. Do you know what a Kelpie is? It’s from the Scottish legend of the water horse.

Kelpie seems very content and happy and has settled into her new home very well. Yes, I have been riding her. However it hasn’t been very consistent because of the oddly high amounts of snow we have gotten this winter. Not that bid of a deal, though. She’s a woolly bear right now as I decided not to body clip her since I am trying to get weight on her. She is slowly filling out and looks really good! She is such a sweet horse and all the barn staff love her (a few of the kids have threatened to take her from me!! I tell them they have to get past me first!!)

I must admit that her only remaining “racehorse” habit is still sometimes being a brat when I put her bridle on. It took me at least 10 minutes to get the bridle on her the first time I rode because she has the game of…head up, head down, head up, head down….now, she only does a half hearted dip and then is good. JJ She has pretty much figured out the cross tie thing and is getting more patient about just “hanging out”.

I couldn’t ask for a better acting young horse off the track, though. Because I haven’t gotten to ride her as much as I like this winter, she is still very uneducated about seat to leg to hand connection (lateral movement? What’s that? haha) but she is quiet and willing to work, which I love, and she gets the rest and she gets more broke. She is figuring out that she actually has a right lead. LOL right now I am focusing on keeping her straight, forward, understanding collection and extension and working on transitions. We’ve begun some light pole/cavaletti work and even a few trot poles to cross rails and it’s just not a bid deal for her. I am keeping it a positive experience so she continues to enjoy her job. We have ridden out the fields a couple times (when it hasn’t been too muddy!) and she has been good. The weather next week is looking really nice so I thing we get more opportunities to ride outside the ring. Kelpie June has such a great brain and that is one of the biggest things I love about her!!! I don’t lunge her to death before I get on (actually, after the second time I rode her, I don’t ever lunge her any more)..even if she is a little fresh it isn’t anything that is bad and she settles into work pretty quickly.

Elizabeth, I am sooooooo happy I got Kelpie Jun. As you know with young horses, you really never know how they’ll turn out but she is showing all the potential that I hoped for.

I do need to send you updated photos but maybe I’ll wait until she sheds out this spring! J

I hope you are doing well and I hope we have some shows in the area so I can stop by and visit.

Take Care!