Shelby’s Hill aka “Ping” is For Sale

Sarah Farnham purchased Shelby’s Hill as a Bits & Bytes Farm Prospect Horse in January 2007.

I am selling/trying to find a place for my horse, Shelby’s Hill aka “Ping”. He is a 2003, 16 hand Thoroughbred gelding. He is very pretty – a good guy. I see him happiest in a dressage setting with maybe some jumping/trails as he goes along. He might be hunterish as he is attractive but I really don’t know a lot about that discipline. He’s done W/T/C and lateral work. He has done some long lining.

“Ping” loves grass and turnout. I’m placing him because I work at a summer camp and have a nine year-old daughter and I think should “step down” in my horses for now. I would like to have something I can compete, but also can take to camp, go on trails with my daughter etc. “Ping” is a great guy, but is not yet a bombproof mount.

A good home is a must, and I am flexible with money for the perfect fit. Shelby’s Hill is located in Maine.

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