The girls are back into full work. Patrick and Shu are graduating to just going out and working on thier own without all my….”coaching”….and “advice.” LOL—I thought he would be ecstatic…but he was actually uncertain…he wanted the direction…lol…so being my contrary self it just made my day—to bad for him—he had to ride self directed….lol. But he and Shu are at a point where they are really beginning to understand each other–me riding her right now—or directing him every time he is up would be sort of like a third person on the date where you plan to propose—it’s just time to let them really start jelling up on thier own…and keep the interference to a min from me…just short lessons couple times a week. you know that I watched them today–they were working transitions…every single time–not one or several—but every single time they came down to halt—perfectly sqyare—looked like a FEI horse—and he had no idea how cool and how hard that can be…him and her just did it naturally. And now the sin….I am so envious watching the two of them ride…I honestly rode for years before I even approached looking like what they look like now—and BOTH of them are just green as green. When that little girl muscles up and comes into her own with her work ethic and honesty—and Patrick matures into his riding just a bit—seasons up some—lord look out….and I am soooooo greeeeeennnnn….lol. And I know I may be a tad prejudiced—but what a match—it’s about as perfect as I have ever seen. Patrick was all full of himself after he had a really good ride and he didn’t have to have me telling him how.

My girl—on the other hand….is presenting the most pleasant of challenges. putting her back to work and she is just eating it up—she comes up from the pasture if I just call her—she stands and watches waiting to be called when we work Shu first….but her idea of pleasing and “work” is the challenge…lol. My girl only remembers being a racehorse….and I don’t think she hated it, the complete opposite of Shu. Her idea of trying to please—and she does so hard—is that when she sees the saddle—and the bridle goes on…she is ready to go out and go to work…lol in the Churchill Downs sense—she has no idea there is anything else—and she would push her poor out of condition body to breaking to try and do what she thinks I want…so one min she is quiet and relaxed in the ties–then the next–bright eyes–stamping—head tossing–dancing..not out of control–just ready to go do her business. She has lots of energy on the lounge—not much style except in the rough–but she sure is a pretty girl moving.. Didn’t put Patrick back up yesterday as her mindset was just of the racehorse…am positive she would have been fine—but don’t want to blur the lines with a rider up….today—she was tired after her lounge work–still had fire…but I worked on getting her to actually listen to what I wanted instead of her going on auto pilot. She was doing it—after all–all she wants to do is please–so I put Patrick up again—first with me boosting and lying on her neck for hand walking—then sitting up and taking pressure in the reins–letting her “feel” the rider. Then instead of me asking her to walk, him using combo of voice and legs to ask—the a few times around with that and then him using the reins to steer as well as stop and legs to ask walk….she handled all perfectly…so—I hand trotted her around with him up sitting soft and keeping contact so she knew rider was there…..she was a bit prancy but very nice—listened very well…was a banner day for us. She is coming along so fast for what I could have asked. we lost a week with all of the clalmity—and she had only been here about a week and a half at that time. Maybe others could and would do it faster…but I like the long way—I want her mind first—understand it is a new discipline we are asking—then with that girls heart….we will have us a horse!!!! I have dubbed Patrick “First Rider”…lol….as he always ends up on our horses first—–the twerp. He is very pleased with himself…and is being 14….ergo grandly proclaiming to me how he and Shu will “educate The Pearl and I ” in the show ring next year…lol. Gotta love the boys enthusiasm even if his judgement is a tad suspect. Love his attitude—perfect match for his little diva…lol. Anyway—thanx for listening—I love talking about how my girls and Patrick are doing–esp to someone who knows them and the absolute thrill of what we are doing. And thanx again for all of the open doors E……..later—Chuck