“Snow Banker” – Racing Through the Snow . . .


Bank President pre-snow when he first arrived off-the-track. The grass is now covered by banks of snow which "Banker" enjoys bounding through and rolling in.

Merry Christmas from Harvest Moon Stables! Banker (Bank President)  is doing very well and fills me with joy to watch him run and play everyday. He seems so very happy which is a gift in itself. His riding has mostly stopped now due to the cold weather and snow here but will resume in February. He enjoys bounding through the snow and rolling in it (despite being blanketed). He still loves his peppermints and has really changed so much. He went from only being able to be outside an hour to enjoying the whole day. I feel very lucky to have him and I hope he feels the same. Thanks again for the opportunity. So we hope all is well there and that you have a safe and happy Holiday season.

Best Wishes From

Amy, Banker, Gem & Remy

Elizabeth’s Note: Thoroughbreds make wonderful partners. They give as much love as they receive and then even more. Open up your heart to an off-the-track Thoroughbred and learn for yourself how much joy they can give. Stories like these are the reward for our efforts of finding homes for Thoroughbred race horses when their first career is over. We hope that every buyer is as happy as Amy with their special OTTB.