Sorry for the Slow Updates

I have just posted a whole bunch of long overdue updates. I never thought that I would receive so many wonderful stories about the horses we placed. I hope to do better in the future if possible. I am not only the Web master for the OTTB Success Stories and the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site, but also the person who screens potential buyers, picks up horses, the photographer, trainer and barn help here at Bits & Bytes Farm. This is in addition to my ‘real’ job creating Web sites for corporate clients, veterinarians and other equine businesses. The day-to-day feeding and care of the Thoroughbreds get first priority followed by my ‘real’ job client requests and then getting the horses off-the-track. The OTTB Success Stories deserve equal time but life gets in the way.

I read every e-mail that comes in, and some days they take up two to three hours to read and respond. Please know that I am reassured that the horses we placed are loved and doing well. I save every one and then gang them up and post them. I share your stories with new potential buyers. If I have not responded, it is only because another fire needs to be put out. Feel free to call if you think I have forgotten or send me a reminder. I do care about each and every horse we placed. I will drop every thing if one of our buyers has an urgent need to talk or if a trainer has to place a horse in a hurry.

So what’s new? Our buyers are using the new Internet tools to keep in touch. We have lots of YouTube Videos and Bits & Byes Farm now has a YouTube Channel and a Facebook Fan page. We post the newest horses on our Facebook Fan page so that our fans get the first opportunity to see what horses are available for sale. Check it out and be sure to become a fan so you will get status updates when we post a new horse or news. I will start posting that the OTTB Success Stories site has been updated. Fans will get a notice on their Facebook page. It is an easy way for you to see if I am keeping up with the OTTB Success Stories.

New Success Stories

I am linking to the horse because I have added multiple posts to several horses. Some are from previous years that I am just catching up on.

Coming soon Antioch and Allegiant. Two very special horses and ladies. . . sorry for the delay.