Standing Ovation for OTTB Shamuuu!

I saw his success stories updated; he looks much better now. I’m very much taking my time with him lightly lunging with and without tack and hand grazing around the farm. I just want the opportunity to see how his brain works. I’m fortunate enough to have a work schedule that allows me to see him everyday, so he’s doing some sort of “job” tasks on a daily basis. I plan on getting on him in the next couple of weeks.

I’m so pleased with him, I keep trying to figure what will push his buttons, but he doesn’t really get upset about anything. He had a couple upset tummy episodes, nothing serious just cranky and uncomfortable. I put him on Neigh-lox for any remnants of an ulcer he may have and he’s been great ever since. He’s on a hoof and coat supplement and a joint supplement as well.

He looks great, so sleek and shiny. He whinnies every time he sees me come to the barn. He has behaved like a perfect gentleman, I’m so happy; he’s everything I hoped he’d be!