Still Totally In Love After Six Years!

Fame For A Day and Gloria Coleman
Still totally in love with this boy! This was taken today!  He is still the “Famous Snuggler”!
Just thought I would share!
Gloria & Fame
Elizabeth’s Note: Gloria was a beginner rider when she came to Bits & Bytes Farm looking for a horse. She is tall and needed a larger but still very quiet horse. She found Fame For A Day! Read their success stories from the beginning and read more of their current success stories. Gloria and Fame are the reason we even have success stories on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site. Gloria was so in love with her boy she kept sending updates! We now have so many OTTB Success Stories (not just from Fame), we have created a Web site dedicated to the horses we have placed so they can tell their stories. Thank you Gloria and Fame For A Day! One person CAN make a huge difference.