Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – Cobb County Speaks Out On Life After Racing

OTTB Cobb County proudly poses in his western attire

OTTB Cobb County proudly poses in his western attire

Dear Elizabeth,

I am writing to let you know that retirement life is good. It took a little time to settle in and I was a little nervous at first but have decided humans are pretty good. I still sing for my breakfast and my supper, which by the way sounds real good. I have several ladies that I hang out with which is really cool.

You know the vet once said I had wear and tear on my ankles and it would be better for me not to jump. My mom, who by the way is older, and I have reached an agreement that I will keep all four hooves on the ground and that way she can stay on my back. You can let the vet know I have experienced no problems from any wear and tear on my ankles but maybe you should let the people I worked so hard for know that they might consider releasing others at a earlier age.

I may not be able to be a fancy hunter jumper but I am loved very much. I have both English and Western attire so I make a wonderful pleasure ride for my human friends. Thanks again for your help in getting me to my new home.