Sunny is BIG!

Sunday Wash aka Sunny aka BigSunny, now known as “Mr. Big (Big for short 🙂 ” due to how handsome he is and how confident he is in himself, haha, is doing really well!!

I LOVE this horse, I bought him as a re-sale project but he has so much potential that it looks like I will probably end up keeping him around for myself for a while. Maybe he will sell or lease as an upper-level packer one day but I am really looking forward to taking that journey with him.

Big is essentially what I spent a bunch of money for and didn’t get, and he is everything I was looking for the first time around when I bought JT (my problem child) and Big happened to be less than half the price!!

I jumped him for the first time two nights ago and he was awesome! Very brave and honest. He also seems to have good form over his fences as well, which is a huge plus!

He is going out on his first long trail ride with me this weekend and I will be sure to have my trainer take some pictures, she won’t mind because it is one of her favorite hobbies, so I am sure we will have tons of great pictures to send to you soon!!   I will get a write up together asap and send you some pictures in the next couple days. Thank you for your concern/reminder, I have been so busy with my new riding job that I barely have time to sleep and eat, haha, so I am happy you touched base with me because I had completely forgotten about it.

I will be sure to make time to send you the info, thanks again for helping me find this amazing horse!


Sunday Wash aka “Sunny” was a Prospect Horse For Sale on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site in August 2010. He is in training to become and eventing horse.