Sweet Things in Texas for Better Be There

I am very happy – he is so sweet. He loves to have his face rubbed. He does need some weight on him. I am giving him Omelene 200 and alfalfa so far, now I have only had him since Friday afternoon so any suggestions would be great. He does not seem to like grass hay and there is not a whole lot of grass to graze on here. He could just be tired from the three-day trip. He is though a big boy for sure – 16 hands if not more.

Thanks again. Oh, my husband did want me to tell you that he is very gentle, he is wary of horses, but has messed with “Buddy” more than me and he is very comfortable with him.

Elizabeth’s Notes: Horses often come in thin and not wanting to eat. It may be just from the stress of shipping or it could be ulcers. Make any feed transition slowly. You can read about our feeding program to get an idea of what works best for feeding off-the-track Thoroughbreds. Any buyer of our horses can call and discuss training or feeding options at any time.