Voted Off: Off-the-Track in 2006 Update 2011

It’s been years since I sent you an update, but I thought you might like to know how Voted Off is doing. His primary job has been as my husband’s trail horse for the last 5 years. About six months ago, my 6 year old daughter started riding him too. You might remember a picture of her you posted on your web site on her rocking horse when she was 2. Well, she has swapped out the rocking horse for Voted Off.

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Carrots Please for the Mighty Kwinn


Dear Elizabeth, Hope this finds you well. We are all fine here, just very busy as usual, what with the boys’ activities, work, etc. Back in April, I broke a bone in my right foot. Wish I could say it was from something like kickboxing, but I literally twisted my foot falling off my shoes.…

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