Seven Years – 75 Races!

Cab - August 2012

My vet says that this is the kind of racehorse that should be bred, since after 7years of racing, 75+ races he still has the legs of a healthy horse. My only regret is that I didn’t buy him sooner.

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Call Another Taxi

Tax Hike - Thoroughbred sold by Bits & Bytes Farm

Hi Elizabeth, I was planning to send you some pictures from Taxi’s dressage lesson but they didn’t make it.  Taxi refused to load. We have a 2 horse slant load extra tall and wide but she wasn’t so sure of it. Our dressage trainer was able to come over and help. He started by working…

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Becoming the Herd Leader

Taxi learns who is in charge. When horses first arrive, you tend to want to love on them and let them get away with things. In reality this is the most important time of all. You need to establish the “herd order”. You need to let the new horse know you are in charge and that the horse is not the leader – you are!

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Dressage Strengthens Ex-Race Horse

In just two weeks of working with Who’s Cindy Sue and using classical dressage techniques, I have a new, relaxed horse and she is becoming more and more regular. Unbelievable how you train and ride can affect your horse!

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