Taking “Commander” in Every Direction

Fast Commander is doing well. I think he looks great, having put on a lot of needed weight and starting to develop some muscles with regular work under saddle. He is so big already, it’s hard to imagine he’s only three and has more growing to do.

He has progressed nicely in his flat work. He easily walks, trots and canters in a fairly balanced way in both directions now, though he is still right-handed. He seems to enjoy being ridden and worked with, and actually is very pleasant if I can ride almost daily. If we have skipped riding days, he can be a bit more pushy and seems to pull out some of his stallion prior personality traits, like not respecting my space or deciding he doesn’t want to do what is asked of him. We continue to work on this and it is much better.

Unfortunately, we have had disruptions to our riding schedule, mostly due to difficulty keeping shoes on him. I have a great farrier who is working hard on this issue. Hopefully, time and supplementation will help. I really think he is a wonderful horse, and I am so happy to have him. I would like to register him with USEF this month.