Team Wolfie Scores Again!

Wolfie (Austins Wolf) and Laurie had another successful  weekend with the Palm Beach County Horseman’s Association show at Wellington, FL. The team won a second, third, 2 fourth, and 2 fifth place ribbons. Their second place came in the adult amateur equitation medal over 2’6” fences. Go team!

Wolfie is really coming around, both in and out of the arena. He is now loading with relative ease, just a little “encouragement” (sweet feed and a few taps on his rump) will get him in the trailer within minutes. He has become much more accustomed to the distractions of a busy show grounds, golf carts, dogs, water trucks do not seem to faze him, although there was something scary near the judges stand during the adult equitation flat class. He is being recognized as a good mover and quite a character. I think he’s learned Lefty’s “cookie face” and now begs for peppermints and horse treats along with the master.

Team Wolfie,
Joshua, Laurie & Austins Wolf