The Bank President is On Vacation at the Spa

“Banker” (Bank President)is doing very well and seems really happy to be here. He enjoys languishing in his stall then going out and rolling in the dirt. Already he seems to be moving more freely and has quieted tremendously. His feet were done yesterday and he is getting ultra-sounded on Friday morning. I am hopeful that there is not too much damage. (He had a sore suspensory when he left the track.) He gets his first massage next week too! Lucky guy!

Been having computer issues with pics but should have something to you soon. Its been hard not to get on and ride him which I have been dying to do. But I want to get the vet report first. In the meantime he has made fast friends with my yearling warmblood and is trying to make friends with TB mare but she is having none of it = ). He is getting spoiled with peppermints from my mom and enjoys nosing around with the barn cat.

More to come soon.

Amy Atkins

Bank President “retired” from racing in September 2009. He was a Prospect Horse at the Track on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.