(The) Bank President Loves Jumping

Hello from Harvest Moon Stables!

Sorry I haven’t been updating Banker’s progress. It has been a very busy summer here. Bank President aka “Banker” has had a busy summer of training in his new life and we finally did our first horse show in August. Not sure which one of us was more nervous entering the ring. We started in the baby jumpers but moved on quickly to level one and two. He was quite naughty in the baby class with the small jumps and lots of time to play. So at the risk of scaring him we moved him up.

I don’t know what he was like on the track but this horse has some pluck! He was brave, willing and double clear! He is everything I could have hoped him to be and then some.

After having him for a year, he still surprises me everyday. He has the trait I most admire in TB’s, pure heart! He really tries so hard and seems more than happy to do it. Most people dont even do that. He challenges me everyday as a rider which is very helpful.

Now our lives will change again. I have work that will have us moving to Austin Texas this fall. I hope he enjoys the weather more there than he does here. I hope all is well at your farm and with all the other TB moms and dads. I’ve been bad with pics but we do have some of his first show which I will send.

Take Care, more soon
Amy, Gem & Banker