The I-Man Confidence Jumps


Irish got a new figure eight bridle, breast plate, and girth for his birthday!

Well Irish Morning Mist and I had a fun filled weekend attending the progressive show jumping horse show in Aiken. It was “I-Man’s” first show back and our goal was to just get use to the atmosphere and all the commotion. He was very behaved and seem to enjoy the courses and jumps that he was faced with. Although he still has some kinks to work on, like the camera guy isn’t going to attack him and that the timers aren’t scary monsters, he is steadily progressing. We did the 2’6″ and 3′ classes to raise his confidence and as something he could easily handle. All the trainers had their eye on him and think he will be a real competitor within a few months. We plan on taking a break from showing till the end of August just because the heat is awful. I will definitely keep you guys updated as we continue down the road of success!

Happy riding!
Megan and the I-Man (Irish Morning Mist)

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