The “Moose” Cuts Loose with Lots of Lovin’

OTTB Popular One, aka Moose, nuzzles new dad, Nick”Moose” (OTTB Popular One) has calmed down after his trip and LOVES almost as much as we love giving it to him.

“Moose” is the coolest horse ever. Personality is brought to a new level with him. He actually licked Nick. I think we have an identity problem…he thinks he’s a dog and should come inside, chill with his buddies, and catch a couple of shows. All kidding aside, he’s everything y’all (Southern for “you folks”) said and much more. He’s much more handsome than his pictures and truly loving. You do a great job trying to find homes for these most awesome thoroughbreds. I put complete trust in what you say and plan on getting another as soon as things settle down. Thank you so much.

Jacquie & Nick Alberti

Jacquie Alberti with Popular One aka "Moose".

Jacquie Alberti with Popular One aka “Moose”.