The Newest “A Team” – Allegiant and Amanda


Allegiant is doing fantastic!!

Allegiant is doing fantastic!! She is settling in great. Her pasture buddy is a 25 year old 13hh pony mare. But, right across the fence, she can also hang out with three geldings.
I lunged her in the round pen, and she did great for never being in one before. She got sweaty, so I rinsed her off, then dryed her hooves off, and applied hoof polish on them. I am doing the stretches about A LOT! But, her right side is slowly getting better. She is getting more smooth when I do the crossing over on the right! She hasn’t spooked at ANYTHING!! She did want to back off of the wash rack at first, but within two or three minutes she did,

Allegiant likes her water.

Allegiant is drinking three buckets of water per day, and she is eating ALL of her food!!

so she got a treat for that! I tried giving her an apple; she doesn’t like them, haha.  We even beat the apple against something to get the juices out, and she still didn’t like it.  But, I found a treat she does like!!  Licorice flavored treats!!

She is drinking three buckets of water per day, and she is eating ALL of her food. I think she likes it here! She knows she doesn’t have to race anymore. I have a hard time keeping up with her at the walk with those long legs of hers, but we are getting used to each other. Every time I walk into the barn now, she talks to me. She already knows who feeds her and takes care of her!!

Amanda and Alle!!