This Wiseguy Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere!

OTTB - Wiseguys Out easily clears a stadium jump.

Wiseguys Out easily clears a stadium jump

I just looked around your site and you’ve really got a lot of great horses for sale. We’ve had some interest in Wiseguy and that’s been really nice. He went out on trial but when I dropped him off he kept trying to turn around and come back to me and was nickering and you know he’s not much of a talker. That buyer felt he was a little green for his program.

Anyway, we took him to a local show this weekend and he was incredible. He placed second in a big class by zipping around in the jump off and leaving all the rails up. Other horses dropped rails and only one was faster and clean.

We had an interested family look at him at the show but it hit me square between the eyes that I just can’t bear to part with him. We’ve been through so much together and I love him dearly and he really loves my trainer, J.C. They really click.

So Wiseguy is off the market permanently and I will continue to be his proud mom cheering him on in the stands as he and J.C. race up the levels in the jumpers! I hack him and keep him fit doing interval work in the fields and J.C. trains and shows him. I will send you a video of his round in this weekend’s show when I get it from the videographer. We’re headed to another show in two weeks.

It felt really good when J.C. and Wiseguy were in the jump off and other trainers and their students were watching and as they made a really tight roll back to the last jump, one of the trainers said, “whoa don’t you try that that’s only for professionals and experienced horses!” I didn’t tell them Wiseguy’s only been showing jumpers for five months!