Tillo Loves Trail Riding & Jumping


I wanted to give you an update on your little horse, Tillo.  We have had a pretty good summer…his dressage is really coming along, he seems amenable to the stadium jumping, cross country needs some more work as he gets pretty excited, and he loves trail riding…very brave and walks right out.  He’s very happy in his new home and career (maybe I spoil him!), loves his little herd and being turned out all the time.  We’re riding indoors for the month of November, then he’ll be turned out Dec-Feb to be a horse, start up again in March.  I think we are beginning to develop a real rapport and I’m just loving his wonderful personality.  Thank you for such a lovely horse!  Keep breeding that kind Helga.

Lydia Dequine

Tillo lives in the mountains of Colorado . . . a long way from his breeder’s farm in Kentucky.