TK’s Turn Speaks English

TK's Turn and Laura ride WesternThis is actually a TK (TK’s Turn) story, and it doesn’t involve Butch, although he did ask the other day how many horses we have. I just said “I don’t know”, and he left it alone. Too easy.

Anyway, I just thought this was really funny: I was riding TK behind our house yesterday (walking), and I said, “Do you want to go on the patio?” He immediately (I am not making this up) started trotting, went straight to the patio, and climbed up on it. Either he speaks English or it was a funny coincidence. Maybe I don’t need any tack or aids at all – I’ll just tell him what to do!

Elizabeth’s Note: Laura has so many Bits & Bytes Farm horses that she has to tell me specifically which one she is referring to as she calls them all “PK” to keep her husband Butch from being able to count them all.