TK’s Turn Wins Blue at First Dressage Show!

TK's Turn - first show

TK's Turn has already been to his first show and he won blue!

Hey E and B,

TK (TK’s Turn) and I got first place in our dressage test class! Granted, there were only two of us in it, but still! We did Intro A and got a 63. It was only our third ride together since TK came off-the-track.

Leslie and Coin Maker won their class also, which was pretty great considering that it’s been about six months since they last rode together. We did a little trailer training last night and, soon as TK figured out that the trailer windows dispense treats from the outside in, he was perfectly fine with it. I was the weak link – forgot my helmet and the dressage saddle. Good thing Leslie’s stuff was available for sharing! TK is gradually getting used to “not track” sights and sounds. He did jump a little bit when the judge’s booth started talking and the inside of it was moving, but then went right on. He and Coin were like old buddies, so it was fun.

Have a great week,

I had to laugh last night when I was in the tack room mixing feed and Butch came to check on me.  TK kept sticking his head right in the window,  and Butch just said “Look at that horse sticking his head in!” (tee-hee).  Have a great day!  Love,  Laura et. al.