Hi Elizabeth,

I sure hope it was as beautiful in Canton as it was here! It took until about 11:00 for the dense fog to burn off and the sun to bring about a beautiful day. It hasn’t been this nice in forever it seems. I went and picked up some hay this morning and got back around lunch to prepare for my afternoon ride.

Lindy and I took our first of many long trail rides cross country. I’m guessing it may have been a first for her since she looked at everything. We rode up and down the hills, through the fields and on the trails through woods for about two hours. It was wonderful!!! She was very brave and very honest– no silly or thoughtless moves 🙂 Lindy learned about stepping over logs and by the end of our ride she was a pro.

Our next outing will involve the little creek. I want her to be able to drink from it and find that it isn’t scary at all. She survived the deer jumping up from their nap and the dog from down the road barking at us. My parents drove up as we were heading back down the road towards home and thought she was a pretty little horse. My guess is that she will sleep well tonight as a tired little horse.

Lindy seemed happy and confident even though she needed my encouragement and support as we traveled our uncharted territory together. It was the most wonderful ride I have had in a long, long time–and to think, she has only been here a couple of weeks. 🙂

Thanks for everything and I’ll be back in touch. I’ll also send you a few pics on a cd/dvd to post for me.
Have a great rest of the week.