Vicky Vicky Vicky is For Sale, For Sale, For Sale

Vicky Vicky Vicky was one of the 25 Special Horses fortunate to find a home in 2006

Vicky Vicky Vicky was one of the 25 Special Horses fortunate to find a home in 2006

I am sending information about Vicky and an update as I have her for sale currently. She has been an absolute delight to work with. She has a terrific work ethic and is very flashy. She is virtually the same at horse shows as at home, almost quieter. She is very special to me so the most discriminating new home is a must.

Vicky is not for a beginner. She needs a confident rider to help her shine. She is an alpha mare not afraid to be in the lead on trails and is great in company on a trail. She loves trail riding and is a dream to ride on the trails.

I have been working extensively on dressage training with Vicky and we are currently working and showing at First level. We are working well on second level movements such as counter canter and counter canter serpentines. Vicky gets noticed by the judges and often confused for a warmblood. She is about 16.1 hands with a lot of substance to take up your leg. I am 5.9 and fit her fine. She is currently eight years old.

Vicky Vicky Vicky is training and showing at Level One Dressage

Vicky Vicky Vicky is training and showing at Level One Dressage

Vicky comes with breeding to a lovely, gorgeous Selle Francais stallion Juan Valdez Carolina. He is a 17.1 hand black stallion with some white socks. He is currently showing Intermediary One and has an extensive successful jumping record as well. He is located near Ocala, Florida. Shipped frozen semen is available. I did not breed her this year since having her for sale.

Vicky has been in professional training with Stephany Fish, an FEI rider who really likes her. She is impressed with her work ethic and willingness. Vicky has three really nice gaits and is easy to sit.

I am going to send Vicky for some more jump training. We began a little jump training one year ago. We do jump over small logs on the trails with no hesitation. Her price will increase with further training. My jump trainer thinks she would be a great event or equitation horse.

Vicky is turned out in company with mares and geldings and is great. Vicky really has no vices and is great to clip, pull mane, tie, trailer load, ties to the trailer at horse shows, and great ground manners. I have taught Vicky to point and load into the trailer on her own. She is great for blood drawing, trimmer, equine dentist (we have their teeth done every six months without sedation).

I am a holistic Veterinarian so my first priority is to find the most holistic home possible for her. She gets extensive turnout, never locked in a stall, turned out with other horses, sometimes separated only to feed, barefoot, fed supplements and natural feed, and has had a lot of Natural Horsemanship training. We have her feet trimmed every four weeks and she does fine on the lime rock roads, trails with different terrain, and arenas with different footings.

Vicky has come a long way since I purchased her. She was not interested in people, not mean, just not affectionate. After three months of working with her she finally warmed up to me after her racing negativity. She had no reason to like or trust people. Vicky warms up to people easily now and I want her trust in people to continue for her. I will be selective about her new person, as I want the very best for such a special horse. She will give her all for the person she loves and trusts. his bond should never be broken. She deserves to live a great horses life as naturally as God intended for them.

If you are interested in getting noticed in the show ring, want a great partner to have fun with both on the ground and in the saddle and want a horse that has been holistically cared for and intend to do the same, then Vicky is your dream horse. She has had a lot of correct and kind training and is ready to show today.

I love your site Elizabeth and drool over all those beautiful horses! I have been blessed to be with one of them to date!

Robin L. Cannizzaro DVM, CVA

Vicky Vicky Vicky was purchased by Robin in 2006. To read their past success stories please click here. Vicky was also one of Bits & Bytes Farm’s 25 Special Horses.