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Votive – Groundwork, Schroundwork. Let’s Ride!

Votive and Corrine enjoy time in the saddle

Votive and Corrine enjoy time in the saddle

Just wanted to let you all know I have backed Votive, finally! We have done much groundwork in the month that has passed. We have a great bond with each other and I feel she completely trusts me 100%. We have now had two days of being ridden very easily. Yesterday I had someone hold her on the lunge line while I got in the saddle and walked around. She was more confused than anything with that. So today I tried it completely different and hopped on with no help. She stood completely still while I got on and walked off on command. We will be working on our walk and halt for a little while, so I will keep you all posted on our progress with more pics to come. For now here is a pic of our walk today, our second ride that had no assistance from others!!

PS- Thank you so much Terry for this chance of my dream horse!!

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