Walls, Coops and Panels Oh My . . .

We moved up to 2’3″ division this time around…. which should have been easy peezy as we were doing 2’3″ – 2’6″ at home….

However what I did NOT know was that at the 2’3″ they bring out the walls, coops, panels and every other sort of imaginable solid, horse eating fence!

There was no time to even show them to him ….. I had planned on 3 OF classes but we had such issues we went in 5 and by the last one he was going around well….. So we did not have a good pinning day but we had a real breakthough in terms of moving up….. more than planned for!

Josh was a tad nervous as 3-4 folks came flying off during the show and “W” did stop on me a few times…… I had to use my crop…. but then he decided that, ‘Yes I really was serious that we had to go over not around’ and that if he just jumped high enough…. that was safer than stopping as that got Mom in a mood….. He still got all his leads and changes………

Anyway, I am sure we will only get better from here…..

He loaded well and was generally more relaxed sooner at the show…. so over all good experience for him and we had to tackle those monster jumps sometime…..

Next one is Feb 21…. (Sat)….. so my mission is to better simulate some of the scary jumps to get over that….