Mr Inquisitive/Mr. Wonderful – One Year Later

Dear Elizabeth,
I am not a good e-mailer and I apologize. There have been many times when I’ve thought of you and Becky in the past year. (Can’t believe it’s been a year). I bought Mr. Inquisitive from you when he was 3 years old last December. He has been such a pleasure. I have been taking it slow with his training since I am in no hurry and he seemed to benefit from this approach. He is an excellent jumper-my trainer loves him. He uses himself very correctly and is nice and steady. We’ve gone to a number of shows just to hang out and then to eventually school. It’s paid off.

I ‘ve been riding him myself since the first time we tacked him up and I have to admit I was a little nervous. At 57 I was asking myself what was I doing!! He could have been so different but he has taken such good care of me. I will send you some pictures when I get a little technical help with that one.

Thanks for putting in all the time and effort to make a difference for so many horses and people. I couldn’t be happier. Happy Holidays!!

Warmest wishes,
Suzie Jacobson

Read more about Mr. Inquisitive who was a former Prospect Horse For Sale on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site in December 2008.