Whos Cindy Sue – A Future Show Jumper!


Whos Cindy Sue is learning lots of new skills.

Whos Cindy Sue is doing well! We started lunge training this week, and she caught on quickly! I think I may have found my jumper because she jumped out of her turnout last week (it was feeding time!) the fence is four feet, and she cleared it. She has gained 40 pounds and looking more shiny everyday. She gets breakfast/lunch/dinner as well as free choice hay, at first she didn’t know what to do with all the food, but she has taken to her bucket like a champ.  I plan on lunging her for the month of August to help build up her muscles since she is so lean and young, I want her back strong before I get on her at the end of the month, so we are just doing ground work. We have conquered the crossties, she lets me clip her muzzle, and she loves bubble baths…she is a sweetheart!


Not all Thoroughbreds off-the-track know how to cross tie. Always remember this if you purchase one.