Whos Cindy Sue is Home!

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I am very excited to report that Who’s Cindy Sue has finally arrived to her new home in Connecticut.  She marched right off the trailer like a proud filly and immediately stood like a lady for pictures!  She arrived safely, healthy and in good spirits.  In no time, she found her  hay and water in her paddock and began introducing herself to her neighboring ponies!

She is going to be a beautiful mare!  She has those elegant long legs and a graceful way about her. I am so happy to see that she is inquisitive and genuinely friendly, as my last horse really could have cared less if people were around or not!  For the next couple of months our plan is to focus on her health, nutrition and growth as she is a very tall 3 y/o and has a lot of filling out to do! We have decided to make her new barn name “Quinn”, strong, feminine, yet simple!

Thank you so much for your help and hard work with placing these horses, I have also thanked Becky as well, this couldn’t happen if it weren’t for people like you!  It was a wonderful experience!  See our first pictures, she is going to change so much over the next couple of years!

Thanks again!
Rebecca Bonner