Why Did the Moose Cross the Road? To Find a Great Home

Popular One is a kind soul who responds sensitively to his new owners

Popular One is a kind soul who responds sensitively to his new owners

“Moose”, aka Popular One, is great. He really trusts us. We are absolutely thrilled with him. He is so laid back. He is very calm. I think he loves his new life.

We have taken it very slow with him. He is in a pasture during the day with three other geldings and gets along very well. He comes over to us every time we come into the pasture (every day). My husband is "the ground man" and “Moose” is very patient with us. Sometimes when we fumble with the halter or drop lead lines, he just chills until we get it right. He is not hyper at all. He lunges well and is extremely willing to do what we ask.

We are extremely protective of him. We are educating ourselves so that we can be the best owners possible. I think the part about “Moose” that touches me the most is that he is kind. That may sound strange in connection with a horse but that's what he is. He doesn't have a nasty bone in his body. I really appreciate your matching him with us. He is our horse for life.

P.S. “Moose” had front shoes on for six weeks and today the farrier took them off and said his hooves were good to go without them. He has a thick winter coat...looks like a polar bear. We have blankets for him but he still grew a really thick coat.


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