Why Ride in a Car when You can Ride a CarMAC?

Carmac is still doing great! I am continuing his lunging and the side reins and he is getting better and better everyday. I haven’t gotten any good pictures, as it’s hard to take pictures while lunging a horse at the same time, must work on my timing.

Anyway my mother did come out one afternoon and I did actually decide to sit on him! He was GREAT! He stood at the mounting block and then we just walked around in circles and worked on some bending and halts…very quick session but pleasant experience for both of us! My mother brought the camera but low and behold the battery was dead as a doornail – my luck.

This weekend, weather permitting, I plan to ride again and this time I will make sure there is a camera! I am still in awe every time I see my horse at how gorgeous he is…I’m smitten!!