Win For Morgan Is Better Than Expected

Win For Morgan was a Thoroughbred Horse for sale on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.

Win For Morgan’s First Success Story:

Fifteen years of experience doesn’t give you a good horse. I have bounced around from barn to barn, and finally settled with a little paint mare that I worked with since she had been saddle broke. Sadly, she was sold in 2010, and in all honesty I didn’t know if I was ever going to find a horse that could fill the void she left.

About three weeks ago I decided to give Elizabeth a call after I had seen a local OTTB that day that I had high hopes for, but turned out to be lame. I figured giving her a call couldn’t be any worse than the disappointment of driving 2.5 hours both ways to see a sweet horse that couldn’t work. Little did I know that she had the perfect horse for me.

Tall and young was what I was interested in and that’s what Win For Morgan (now known as “Fitch” in the barn) was. That didn’t convince anyone that buying him was a good idea though. The whole “sight unseen” part of buying him made everyone nervous, but then again none of them had talked to Elizabeth but me.

I knew from her description of him that he was a great horse, but the assurance didn’t stop there. After talking to Becky and his previous owner I had full trust that this was such a great horse and I refused to miss out on him. After a vet check, he was deemed “better than expected” because of his injury, and that’s when I knew his sale to me would be definite. I let Elizabeth know I definitely wanted to go through with his sale and call him my own.

It took him about two days to get here but it was all worth it. I received reassuring calls from his transporter, Tony Lepore, letting me know that he was a great horse and that not many off-track-Thoroughbreds have the attitude he has. I took all of the compliments about him from everyone with a grain of salt and prayed they were all absolutely right. They were. He’s definitely a different kind of guy, but a pretty amazing one.

Not only do I absolutely love him already but so does everyone around the barn. Win For Morgan is the biggest sweetheart and is so good when asked anything at all. My biggest fear was that he would be overly sensitive because of his racing past but he hasn’t spooked at one thing yet. He also hasn’t had a negative attitude toward anything or anyone at all. He greets all the horses and his stall-mates with a good sniff and then goes back to minding his business.

I’m so extremely glad I went through with his sale, he is absolutely the best thing that has walked into my life and I’ve only had him for a few days. Working with him so far has been a joy every day and he always lets me give him a kiss goodbye when I leave. I’m so happy with him and so very happy I put my trust and faith in the whole Bits & Bytes experience and can’t thank Elizabeth, Jackie, Becky, and Tony enough for bringing this amazing horse into my life. I had no expectation in ever filling the void that paint mare had left, but Fitch has so far filled more of my heart than I ever expected another horse could.

Win For Morgan - Thoroughbred horse sold by Bits & Bytes FarmElizabeth’s Note: Win For Morgan’s laid back attitude is common with Thoroughbreds who have been well cared for and not run into the ground. He is not in any pain so he is not “hot” or reactive. Ex-race horses have been exposed to all kinds of stimulation and they usually handle it with a yawn. Finding horses like Win For Morgan aka “Fitch” takes a team effort. We have a network of Thoroughbred breeders, owners, trainers and grooms who contact us when they know they have the quality horse that we represent. We are not getting Thoroughbreds from low end tracks where they have been overworked and raced until they hurt. Our people want to retire their horses when they are sound enough to have a second career. The vets at the track assure us that the horse will be sound for what the buyer wants to do or they do not “pass” the horse. And, finally getting the horse home depends on shipping with a transporter who is also a horseman. Tony Lepore of PDQ Horse Transport (207)314-2310 is our prime shipper from Kentucky to the Northeast and Canada. He is based in Maine so getting “Fitch” to Maine was the easiest part of the process. Tony knows that our Thoroughbreds are exceptional in beauty and mind.

Win For Morgan was a Prospect Horse For Sale on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site in November 2012. He was purchased sight unseen.