Winter Break

Hi Elizabeth,

Happy New Year to you too!  Goldie is well and was going great before all this snow.  He’s got a really good start, though, so Laura’s trainer thinks a break will be fine. The Pony Club is planning on doing some clinics down in Phoenix next month to get everyone started again, if we can get down the mountain by then. Laura is still planning on eventing Beginner Novice on him early June.

Goldie (Gold’s Anatomy) is so funny in the snow. He and his buddy Ice love the cold weather and and play across the fence all the time. I think they’re getting cabin fever and their blankets are getting the worst of it. That part isn’t funny.  Well, only had to snowshoe out to feed twice so I guess it could be worse.

Hope all is well with you guys, thought I heard you had snow.  Didn’t even know it snowed there.  Stay warm!


holly-snow_20100108_03Elizabeth’s Note: When you read about having to put on snowshoes to go feed the horses it makes our Georgia snow and ice seem silly! See our Winter Wonderland photos of winter at Bits & Bytes Farm.