Wintertime for Jesse is Sometimes Muddy and Messy

An older photo of Jesse but timely for December

An older photo of Jesse but timely for December

“Jesse” aka Waterloo Slew, is doing fine. I moved him to a new place that’s on my way to and from work and is only 20 minutes from the house. It’s been raining here all week. Our indoor ring is small but the outdoor arena won’t dry out for a while. I just hope I can find the horse under the mud!

He’s gotten to be a really neat horse; he’s come out of his shell a lot and has gotten to be a bit mischievous. The canter work it progressing and I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on the troublesome right lead this spring and start flying lead changes. I have actually done some low level team penning with him, just for fun stuff, and we have herded the cows into pens as helpers in a few training events at the farm.


Waterloo Slew aka “Jesse” was originally Elizabeth’s personal horse. Gail and “Jesse” have been a team since before 2004. They have participated in many training clinics. Please click here to read their past success stories.