“Wolfie” Reached New Heights Today

“Wolfie” (Austin’s Wolf) reached new heights today …. we did a 2’6″ to 2’11” course in prep for the Low Hunter classes next week (2’3″ – 2’6″). I always like to be doing a little more at home than needed at a show.

After knocking down the first jump and realizing ‘hey, who made these higher?’ he did great. Got all his changes, really started to pick up his feet up and using some of that TB athleticism and actually had to work a little to get over them!

Our coach came over to work with us and was pleased as well. He did a great job on an Oxer she set up. So we’ll see how we do next week!

I did manage to make a roll top and a ‘wall’ out of kitty litter jugs (Josh did not tackle the wall making project yet).

I had not gone that high since Lefty went lame. So glad that is out of my system too.