Yada’s Making Friends

Yada Yada Yada's first rideHi Elizabeth,

Yada is doing very well! I’ve been riding her and she’s doing great! I’ve trotted her over some poles, worked on some leg yields and she’s having a great time! Almost 2 weeks ago, she made friends with an older mare that returned to the barn. Today they went out into the pasture with the rest of the mares and Leon and so far they are stuck together like glue! The older mare is watching out for her, keeping her company, and keeping the boss mare (Muchu) from picking on her too much. She’s fitting in very nicely here! She got her feet trimmed and the farrier loved her! She doesn’t even flinch when getting shots, and she has finally learned to not wiggle around on the cross-ties in the aisle!

Starting tomorrow, I will be lunging her a lot to work on her canter since last time I tried cantering her, she acted unbalanced and almost scared of it. Work on the lunge line will really help her build her experience cantering and her confidence. So far she’s doing really well!

Attached are a couple pictures I have of Yada at her new home and with her new best friend.

Have a good day,
Kille Branson, Louize, and Yada