6 Months Mine

September 4th marked the exactly 6 months my Aly has been here in the Wild West Texas. He is an official Texas horse now; he survived his first Texas summer with flying colors, silky coat and good weight!

When I have had a longgg day at work and school, I can go down to his stall, brush and brush and brush him till he is shining, while peace returns to me. I can talk to him endlessly; I can put hands against his forehead and he is happy to rub his head against my hands forever. I can give him a peppermint or a carrot and he would lick the flavor off of my hand for the rest of the night if I’d let him.

When I tack him up for a ride he is all different; he is all business. A friend of mine, after looking at multiple pictures of Aly and I while riding commented that he looked like a different horse, very proud and alert and attentive. I have a hard time not smiling when I am on him, and even if I’m exhausted after riding my spirits are lifted.

I make all my future plans with him in mind, and know that I won’t travel away to study anywhere without him. That is the best friend ever, one that I know I can go wherever and as long as he has a warm bed, good food and me beside him, he’ll be content.

He’s a cornerstone to my having gotten better from being sick, and he is still being steady as before in that way.

6 months and I still stop and am just wowed when I realize he is mine; I want to cry sometimes when I see him in the pasture, or when I’m feeling really down and it hits me that he is really mine. What a dream fulfilled. I love him.